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Area to Visit- Sea Beaches
West Bengal's close proximity to the Bay of Bengal makes it an ideal beach destination. With a coastline that stretches for miles, West Bengal offers beach destinations which help you unwind and de-stress from the hustle of everyday life. With both luxurious hotels as well as affordable, easy on the pocket hotels available, these idyllic destinations are the perfect place to unwind. Along with it being a place to relax and repose, tourists have a chance to interact and experience the life of the locals in that area as well.
Area to Visit- Digha


One of the oldest and most popular beach towns in West Bengal, Digha was known for being the best getaway destination on the coastline. Apart from having one of the most sought after beaches in the state, this hamlet has more to offer in terms of its religious temples, research centres and magnificent museums. Catering to all age groups, Digha has areas which are densely populated, with bazaars and beach life thriving but also has secluded areas where human impact is minimal. Hotels can be found at both these areas with varying prices from top end luxury resorts to budget accommodation. All resorts and hotels offer the best Bengali and sea food cuisine.
Area to Visit- Mandarmani


One of the most upcoming beaches on the East coast of India. Located just 180 km from the main city of Kolkata, Mandarmani has gained immense popularity in the last decade. A beach town with great scenery and lengthy sand beaches, it has one of the longest motorable beaches in India. A well connected road directly from Kolkata, Mandarmani has something to offer every age group. Extremely popular as a family getaway, it is filled with State of the art resorts coupled with good service and even finer cuisine. Mandarmani should be at the top of your list of beach destinations to visit.
Area to Visit- Shankarpur


Being the most isolated beach in the state of West Bengal, Shankarpur radiates the true essence of a beach town. The calm and laid back town gives off a typical old world charm. With minimal human intervention, the beach and its small town give the tourist a tranquil atmosphere. Unparalleled in its scenic beauty, Shankarpur is known by few and visited by fewer. Its pristine beaches offer boundless calm and its close proximity to villages and the locals give it a unique charm. Even though it may have just a few hotels, Shankarpur boasts a unique beach town and a must visit for all tourists.
Area to Visit- Tajpur


One of the newest entrances into the tourism scene of West Bengal,Tajpur is a secluded beach located about 160 km away from Kolkata. Set between Mandarmani and Shankarpur, it has acres and acres of land dedicated to Pisciculture. A clean beach which is well known for its abundance of red crabs, the tourist can get to meet and experience the life of the fishermen who live around the area and on the beaches. A relatively new place in the tourism scene, Tajpur has fewer hotels in comparison to other beach resorts but offers isolated and clean beaches for travellers who want seclusion and recluse.
Area to Visit- Bakkhali


The fascinating town of Bakkhali with its appealing beach has more than just one feature to lure you in. With a one of a kind crocodile breeding centre along with a few unique temples around the area, Bakkhali is an underrated tourist getaway. With an elusive and beautiful beach, Bakkhali also offers an island, known as Henry's Island, which can appease your senses like no other. Filled with deserted beaches and mangrove trees, the island is a one stop wonder for tourists. A town more than equipped with what you need, Bakkhali is a place one must experience. Guest houses and lodging is available including on the island along with fine non vegetarian cuisine.

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