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The Information and Cultural Affairs Department was conceived with a view for the preservation and promotion of unique and vibrant heritage of Bengal and Bengali intellect.

This Department has intricately been involved with the timely and effective dissemination of messages of the Government to the public, which it serves.

Strive of the Department has also been extended for the whole some evolution of the film and television industry. This Department has been under the constant endeavour to discover, preserve and evince our archaeological glory, as well. To achieve the desired milestones in the direction of this Department, the responsibilities are delegated through 4 Directorates as briefed below.

Culture Directorate:

The Culture Directorate is in the constant pursuit for identification nurturing and development of diverse and spirited cultural forms of Bengal.

To keep the cultural heritage thriving, the Directorate is complemented with a number of academies to attain its objectives. Throughout the year, the Directorate organises programs, not only to enthuse the cultural practices, but also to showcase our pride to general public.

Information Directorate:

The Information Directorate is the largest among those under this Department and has the purview to touch the aspects and aspiration of daily life of common people; while acting as the prime channel for efferent and afferent communication between the administration and the people.

The Directorate has also been responsible for undertaking critical affairs of State, like rendering hospitality to State Guests and organisation of State Ceremonies, flawlessly.

Film Directorate:

The Film Directorate functions as the pivotal agency for the headway of the film and television industry of Bengal. Valiant and a epoch making efforts are being projected for the infrastructural development and healthy sustenance of our world acclaimed film industry.

This recognition has attained a quantum leap with the initiation of Kolkata International Film Festival, modernization of industry related facilities and creation of Tele Academy.

Directorate of Archaeology and Museums:

The Directorate of Archaeology and Museum has been perpetual with its untiring efforts to unearth our hidden historical treasures, to preserve and proudly present our roots to the people of the world.

The responsibility for conservation and Restoration of archaeological riches of the State has also been well supported by the Heritage commission with its passion and expertise.


Minister in Charge

Mamata Banerjee

Address: Nabanna,
14th Floor, 325 Sarat Chatterjee Road,
Mandirtala, Shibpur, Howrah – 711 102
Phone: +91 33 2214-5555, 2214-3101
Fax: 2214-3528
E mail:

Minister of State

Sri Indranil Sen

Address: Nabanna,
 9th Floor, 325 Sarat Chatterjee Road,
Mandirtala, Shibpur, Howrah – 711 102
Phone: +91 33 2250-1023, 2250 -1024
Fax: 2214-4422
E mail:


Sri Santanu Basu , IAS

Address: Nabanna,
9th Floor, 325 Sarat Chatterjee Road,
Mandirtala, Shibpur, Howrah – 711 102
Phone: +91 33 2214-3614, 2253-5201
Fax: 2253-5201

Nodal Officer

Smt. Sharmistha Banerjee, WBCS (Executive)

Director of Information and ex-officio Additional Secretary & CEO, Nandan
Address: Nabanna, 9th Floor, 325 Sarat Chatterjee Road, Mandirtala, Shibpur, Howrah-711102
Phone: 2253 5112
Fax: 2253-5201,2214-1911

Last updated on: Sunday, 31 December 2023
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