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The Environment Department was created in 1982. The department is headed by a Minister in Charge, with Principal Secretary as administrative head.

Vision of the Environment Department is:” Building Environment Smart and Climate Change Resilient West Bengal” 

The activities of the department include: 

  • Preservation of environment and ecology.
  • Prevention and control of pollution of air, water and land.
  • Co-ordination between departments and agencies of the State and the Union Government concerned with the policies and schemes relating to environment
  • Acting as the nodal department for climate change related activities in the state of West Bengal


The Department primarily functions through

  • The West Bengal Pollution Control Board- for implementation of environmental statutes
  • The West Bengal Biodiversity Board – for implementation of statutes for conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, access and benefit sharing coming out of biological resources 
  • Institute of Environmental Studies and Wetland Management Authority – an institute for studies on coastal environment and wetland management
  • East Kolkata Wetlands Management Authority  - for conservation and management of East Kolkata Wetlands 

The Department of Environment also provides necessary assistance and support for efficient functioning of:

State Environment Impact Assessment Authority, WB – Authority for granting/ denying state level environment clearance to various projects with spatial and temporal impacts equal to or above threshold quoted in EIA notification SO1533 (E) dated 14.09.2006 and subsequent amendments.

West Bengal State Coastal Zone Management Authority- Authority for consideration and processing of coastal zone management projects


Md. Ghulam Rabbani

Address: Prani Sampad Bhavan,5th Floor,LB-2, Sector-III, Salt Lake ,Kolkata-700098

Additional Chief Secretary

Smt. Roshni Sen, IAS

Address: Prani Sampad Bhavan,5th Floor,LB-2, Sector-III, Salt Lake ,Kolkata-700098
Phone: 2335 2742
Fax: 2335 0271

Nodal Officer

Sri Sasim Kumar Barai, Special Secretary

Address: Prani Sampad Bhavan,5th Floor,LB-2, Sector-III, Salt Lake ,Kolkata-700098
Phone: 2337-0223
Fax: 2359-5954

Last updated on: Sunday, 31 December 2023
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