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Public Works Department is the nodal department of the State Government for creation of infrastructure. The Department is responsible for maintenance of about 17217 km road length throughout the State. Out of the roads maintained by PWD, (i) 1687 km are NH roads; (ii) 3612 km road length is categorised as State Highway; (iii) 9500 km of road is categorised as Major District Roads(MDR); and (iv) 2418 km is categorised as Rural Roads. To further improve the road infrastructure within the State, PWD is in the process of taking over important roads belonging to Zilla Parishads and Municipalities. It is expected that nearly 3000 km of additional road length would come to PWD for upgradation and maintenance. This would go a long way in further improving the road network within the State. In the last 6 years from May 2011,till August 2017, the department has constructed/upgraded 13324 km of roads and constructed 153 ROBs/bridges/culverts. Another 2980 km of roads and 87 ROBs/bridges/culverts are nearing completion.

PWD has a major role to play in boosting the economic activities within the State through improvement in transportation system. Opening of new and remote areas, through construction of roads/bridges,bring these areas closer to the consumption centre, thereby, ensuring that the farmers get remunerative prices for their products. A good road network also leads to higher productivity for the population it serves. 

The Department is also responsible for construction and maintenance of Government buildings belonging to different departments. In addition to roads, buildings and bridges; PWD also undertakes all typesof infrastructure projects relating to stadia, swimming pools, airports, auditoriums, helipads, bus terminus etc. 

At the apex level, the Department is headed by MIC, PWD. The Principal Secretary is the head of the Department and is responsible for policy matters and their implementation. Principal Secretary is assisted in his work by several Joint Secretaries and Financial Advisor of the Department. The Engineer-in-Chief is the topmost technical authority of the Department and is responsible for guiding the engineer officers in all technical matters. 

The Department has two directorates, viz. PW Directorate and PW Roads Directorate. Each of the directorates has its geographical units called Zones headedbya Chief Engineer. The entire State is divided into three Zones, viz. North Zone; South Zone; and West Zone.Below the Zones, there are Circles, which are headed by the Superintending Engineers and Divisions, which are headed by Executive Engineers. Under the Divisions, there are sub-divisions, which are headed by Assistant Engineers and further down sections, which are headed by Junior Engineers. 

Public Works Directorate is headed by Chief Engineer(HQ), who has Chief Engineer, Planning; Chief Engineer, Electrical; Chief Engineer, Electrical Planning; Chief Engineer, Social Sector; and Chief Government Architect to assist him. 

PWDirectorate has three wings, viz. civil wing; electrical wing; and architectural wing. PW Directorate is responsible for construction and maintenance of all buildings and building related projects. In addition, PW Directorateis also responsible for maintenance and upgradation of some roads in every district. Infrastructure for all VIP and VVIP visits of State headquarters/districts is created by PWD.

The PW(Roads) Dte. is headed by Chief Engineer(HQ) PW(Roads) Dte. and he is assisted in his work by Chief Engineer, Planning(Roads); Chief Engineer, NH; and Chief Engineer, R&BRI. This Directorate also has three wings, viz. Roads wing; NH wing; and Mechanical wing. 

The Department also has a well-established research-cum-training institute called the Roads & Building Research Institute(R&BRI) at Pailan on Diamond Harbour Road.This organisation is responsible for ensuring quality control in ongoing works; training of officers of different wings; and for research work. The Department proposes to further upgrade it and turn it into a major training institute of Eastern India. 

There are four PSUs under PWD, viz. West Bengal Highway Development Corporation Ltd(WBHDCL); Mackintosh Burn Ltd(MBL); Westinghouse Saxby Farmer Ltd.(WSFL); and Britannia Engineering Ltd.(BEL). 

  • WBHDCL has been set up to undertake 4-laning works of State Highways and also for creation and construction of roads on PPP model. It has also completed several important projects and is in the process of undertaking some mega projects. 
  • MBL is essentially a construction company,with expertise in building and bridge projects. They are undertaking huge quantum of work on buildings and bridges of the Department as well as of other Government departments/PSUs.
  • WSFL and BEL are basically engineering companies, which are under process of restructuring. 


Sri Pulak Roy

Address: Nabanna (8th floor),
325 Sarat Chatterjee Road, Mandirtala,
Shibpur, Howrah - 711102
Phone: 2214 3161 / 2214-1616
Fax: 2214-4788


Smt. Antara Acharya, IAS

Address: Nabanna (8th floor),
325 Sarat Chatterjee Road, Mandirtala,
Shibpur, Howrah - 711102
Phone: 2214-5444
Fax: 2214-5825

Nodal Officer

Sri Amit Biswas,Joint Secretary

Address : Nabanna(8th floor),
325, Sarat Chatterjee Road Mandirtala,
Shibpur Howrah - 711102
Phone : 2253-5129
Fax : NA
E-mail :

Last updated on: Sunday, 31 December 2023
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